risk and knowledge

My name is Ilya Fainstein and I am a founder of Leadworks Digital, a digital marketing consultancy for accountants and financial planners.

I help businesses just like yours make the most of their online presence.

Most business owners know that online marketing is very important.

Yet almost without a fail, they don’t take it any further.

I constantly hear excuses …we don’t have the time…we will invest in online marketing when XY and Z happens (hint – it never happens).

Or here is my favourite… we are a word of mouth business…

Surely, this Internet things is never going to catch on!!

I have some bad news for you…

If you are a word of mouth business, you are probably not going to be in business in the next 5-10 years.

Is this is too far fetched?

Well, I recently spoke to a plumbing company that is killing it online.

They told me that 8 of 10 leads they get come from their website.

Yes, that’s correct, the big fat 80%!!!

So, if you are a word of mouth business, you are probably only using 20% of your full potential.

And that’s why in a few years time you could be going out of business and working for somebody who has an online strategy.

Why I Started This Blog

The reason I started this blog is to help accountants and financial planners make sound decisions about online marketing.

Sure, you can hire an agency and have absolutely everything done for you.

But if you don’t have a bit of understanding of online marketing and some ability speak their language, most agencies will just sell you the service that makes them the most money.

To succeed you must have clear objectives and understanding of what you want to achieve.

Do you want more traffic?

Better qualified leads?

Do you want to turn your website from a virtual business card (like most of the useless websites out there) into a lead generating machine?

Or, do you want to switch on quick targeted traffic to rapidly test a new service idea?

Each one of these strategies require a different approach and a different technology.

Yet all too often expensive business decisions are made on the basis of ignorance, marketing hype and latest buzzwords.

I want you to avoid these mistakes and build a solid understanding of digital marketing.

That is why my mission is to educate business owners about digital marketing to give you actionable information that you can apply in your business.

What Do You Want to Learn?

If there was 1 thing I could write about to make your day better, what would it be?

Let me know in the comments below, email me: ilya@leadworksdigital.com or use our Contact Form to get in touch.