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Digital Marketing For Small Business. Strategies Overview

digital marketing strategy quote

I was recently asked by a prospect to put together an overview of different digital marketing options and their pros and cons.

It was written for an accounting practice but applies equally well to any small business.

This made me decide not to keep this information for just one prospect but share it with everybody.

This is list is not complete and there are some areas and strategies I didn’t cover.

I wanted to keep it as brief as possible and focus on things most applicable to small business clients.

Let me know if I missed anything or you would like anything covered in more detail.


SEO or SEM. What’s The Difference?


Most small business owners already know about SEO.

But lately the term SEM has been gaining prominence in online marketing.

Sometimes SEO and SEM are used interchangeably which can be really confusing.

So, are they the same thing?

In short, no. But here is the long version…


Why I Started This Blog

risk and knowledge

My name is Ilya Fainstein and I am a founder of Leadworks Digital, a digital marketing consultancy for accountants and financial planners.

I help businesses just like yours make the most of their online presence.

Most business owners know that online marketing is very important.

Yet almost without a fail, they don’t take it any further.

I constantly hear excuses …we don’t have the time…we will invest in online marketing when XY and Z happens (hint – it never happens).

Or here is my favourite… we are a word of mouth business…

Surely, this Internet things is never going to catch on!!